14th Annual D-A-CH MDS Meeting in Düsseldorf

On the 23rd of September 2015 the 14th Annual D-A-CH MDS Meeting took place in Düsseldorf hosted by Prof. Ulrich Germing. The purpose of this yearly reunion is to foster and further expand collaborative projects between the three countries and to discuss current and potential future projects initiated in this cross-border context.

As every year, about 50 collaborators gathered in Düsseldorf to exchange ideas. During the first part of the day, various common initiatives presented an overview regarding their current status. First, the Düsseldorf MDS Registry commented on the number of sites involved up to date. This was followed by a status report by EMSCO, which presented the two currently recruiting collaborative trials (DACOTA and EUROPE) between the French and the German MDS study groups. Prof. Hofmann from Mannheim updated the community on the collaborative project supported by the Deutsche Krebshilfe and Prof. Gattermann from Düsseldorf presented the common biobanking programs.

Prof. Platzbecker and Dr. Wermke from Dresden then talked about selected current and planned clinical trials in MDS, including a summary of the upcoming EU regulation No 536/2014, which will impact the way European sponsors have to submit their studies in the near future. This was followed by various scientific talks. The scientific program included, among others, different topics related to molecular genetics, such as TP53 mutational status, clonal evolution during the therapy, JAK2 in CMML, associations between molecular and cytogenetic aberrations etc. Further presentations included updates on flow cytometry, dysplasia and cytopenia, anemia in del(5q), geriatric assessment, the relevance of telomere length, iron chelation and discussion of scoring systems.

Overall, the D-A-CH MDS community produced 17 common publications between September 2014 and September 2015 and Prof. Germing is now looking forward to another productive year ahead which will include the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the D-A-CH Meeting.

Author: Silke Gloaguen